Warrior Transition Battalion
Patients and Visitors

What To Bring

Orders-Mobilization/Assignment (7 copies)

Line of Duty Memorandums

Copy of your Profile (if you have a one)

Medical records (if you have any)

TA-50 (if you have any) if you turned it in, bring your receipt from CIF.

All of your uniforms (ACU’s/Class A’s/Class B’s, PT’s summer/winter etc.)

Soldier may bring any additional items as needed


What Not To Bring

Alcohol (Firearms and alcohol are not allowed on the WTB footprint-we have a Zero tolerance policy)


Contact Information 

Wounded Soldier & Family Hotline Phone:


Obudsman Phone: 270-798-8827

8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Mon - Fri


2443 Kentucky Ave.
Fort Campbell, KY  42223