Air Evacuation

Air-Evacuation outpatient/inpatient requests must be completed and authenticated by the treating/attending physician for patients requiring further care across other military or civilian healthcare facilities. Notification to the A&D office of patients admitted in our Health Readiness Platform who require transfer to another military or civilian healthcare facility is extremely important for proper discharge and accountability. The following documentation is required for the Air Evacuation Office to process Air Evacuation/Transfers requests through Theater Patient Movement Requirement Center (TPMRC-A) to other Health Readiness Platforms:

•          Aeromedical Evacuation Patient Record (AF Form 3899)
•          Request for Patient Transfer (DA Form 3981)
•          Narrative Summary (to include patient's history and current condition)

Documentation received after 2 p.m. will be processed the next day, unless it is an urgent case.

When traveling in the Air Evacuation System expect and plan for possibly delays. The aircraft may land and take off several times to pick up and deliver patients to other hospitals; a routine flight could take several days.

If medically necessary, the referring physicians can authorize up to two (2) people as non-medical attendants. Please review the following documents for additional information:   

*AF Form 3899

*DA Form 3981

Contact Information 
Phone: 931-956-0338
931-980-4410 (after hours)

8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday


Room 1AA17
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