Patient Affairs and Accountability Branch

For information about birth and death certificates, please visit the Vital Statistics page. 

For information about Air Evacuations, please visit the Air Evacuation page.

Admissions and Disposition (A&D) 

Our services are provided to all our beneficiaries who may be having surgery, experiencing an upcoming delivery or during emergencies. Once you have received notification of your upcoming surgery, stop by the PAD office to start your pre-admission process. The pre-admission process is also needed for obstetric care. Please bring the pre-delivery documentation provided by the Women’s Health Clinic for pre-admission and complete the Tennessee birth certificate worksheet.

During the pre-admission or admission’s process, you will receive information about your Patient's Rights and Responsibilities to include your right of having an Advanced Medical Directive. If you have an Advanced Medical Directive, it is important to keep a copy in your medical records to fulfill your medical wishes. Please bring the original copy to Outpatient Records located on the first floor (see Medical Records) to be uploaded into your electronic health record (HAIMS).

All Retirees and their Family members will be requested to provide or update information regarding secondary form of medical insurance by filling out a DD Form 2569 (Third Party Collection Program-Record of Other Health Insurance) once a calendar year. 

Any civilian who receives emergency care in the Emergency Center will also be asked complete this form, covering medical services provided by our Health Readiness Platform.

Patient Registrations/ Eligibility

The Admissions and Dispositions office handles all patient registrations into our HRP system, Composite Healthcare System (CHCS), for all beneficiaries in the Fort Campbell and surrounding area. The sponsor or the spouse may stop by our office with a valid Department of the Defense Identification (DoD ID) card for enrollment. Please contact TRICARE to update your benefits location prior to patient registration at our Admissions and Dispositions Office.

Eligibility for Care

Patient eligibility for care is verified with a valid DoD ID card every time patient care services are rendered throughout BACH. All children ages eighteen and older must possess a valid DoD ID card and present at the time of service. Certain situations will require eligible children under the age of 18 to possess a DoD ID card (not limited to dual military, single parents, and dependent Family members 16 years or older who are pregnant). For issues with your entitlements, duplicate DoD ID numbers and invalid or mutilated DoD ID cards, you may contact the ID card section on Fort Campbell at 270-412-7967.

Care will not be denied if a patient does not have an ID card, but you will need to go to the Admission’s office to verify your eligibility. Once our staff verifies your eligibility with a Government ID, a Temporary Authorization for Medical Care form will be generated for you to provide during your appointment and a copy will be kept in the Treasurer’s office (next to A&D).  You will be granted up to thirty (30) days to bring your DoD ID to the Treasury’s Office. Once those days elapse, a bill will be sent to the patient or other health care insurance provider for the care rendered the day(s) your eligibility was unable to be confirmed.

Line of Duty Initiation

Line of Duty applies to the Active Army, the Army National Guard, the U.S. Army Reserve, members of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps Simultaneous Membership Program, and cadets of the U.S. Military Academy. BACH's PAAB NCOIC or the PAD NCOIC will initiate a DA Form 2173, Statement of Medical Examination and Duty Status (LOD), for any Soldier who dies, or sustain certain injuries, diseases or illnesses while on active duty (Title 10 USC 1  074).

In addition to the above mentioned, LOD will be processed for:

•         Reserve/National Guard Soldiers who were treated within our Health Readiness Platform
•         Soldiers who were injured while traveling to or from authorized training or duty
•         Soldiers who sustained injury or disease while on Active Duty (AD) orders within the BACH catchment area

Medical documentation supporting the injury, illness, or disease is required to process a DA Form 2173. Injuries' resulting from a motor vehicle accident require an accident report (CCIR). For Soldiers requiring LOD's for Medical Boards, the medical documentation needs to be within 30 days of injury. The PAAB NCOIC will gather all medical documentation needed to initiate the DA 2173.

Patient Trust Fund

If you require your valuables to be safeguarded during your inpatient stay in our facility, A&D may collect them and your items will be inventoried, documented, and secured in a vault. Withdrawals are only allowed with proper identification. Proper identification may be a government issued photo ID of the patient, and a copy of the deposit record. If the patient is physically unable to sign for their belongings, the next of kin will need to provide the above mentioned forms of identification, Power of Attorney, and a witness’ signature will consent on behalf of the patient. If the patient is being discharged after duty hours, the Administration Officer of the Day (AOD) and PAAB NCOIC will be notified. They will determine if the patient has an emergency need for his/her belongings and will notify the appropriate personnel to retrieve the items.

Many times valuables are left unclaimed. You can call A&D or the Treasury office for information if you may have about valuables in our custody. We will gladly assist you in the process of reclaiming your valuables.

Contact Information 

270-956-0217 (NCOIC)




Room 2BK04A
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