Patient Administration Division

Department Chief and Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge                                

The Chief and NCOIC of PAD are available on a daily basis to assist you with Patient Administration issues. We do ask that you reach out to the individual PAD sections first and let our fine staff of Soldiers and Civilians take care of your administrative needs. You may also schedule a time with us through our secretary to better assist with your needs.

Benefit Extension Programs

Hospitalization or Disability

In some instances, Active Duty service members who will be losing their benefits may be granted an extension for a period of time to assist with emergency hospitalization or disability processing beyond their term of service. Soldiers in the Integrated Disability Evaluation System process must talk to their Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Office of their extension request to further process in our office.

Continuation of Benefits for “Incapacitated” Children Beyond 21st Birthday

Sponsors who are applying for an ID card for an “incapacitated” unmarried dependent based on a serious medical condition diagnosed prior to their 21st birthday should contact us to request a medical statement from the “child’s” primary physician (assuming that physician is at BACH). This should be initiated approximately three to six months prior to the 21st birthday. The sponsor also must apply at the Fort Campbell ID Card Section in the Soldier Readiness Progressing site, Building 2702 Michigan Ave, to receive forms that must be completed to support the child’s financial dependency on the sponsor. Every part of this process is conducted through Military Personnel, incapacitation is defined by the military in Table 4-5, AFI 36-30026 (i).

Secretary of the Army Designee Status (SOAD)

This program was developed to temporarily assist patients who have a serious medical condition and require continuity of care when their military-related benefits are about to cease suddenly (divorce, sponsor chaptered out, etc.). It also assists in providing patients continuity of care while transitioning from the military medical healthcare system to the civilian community for maternity care. Any care required for over six months will require an approval from the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) and/or the Secretary of the Army. 

The patient may request SOAD by contacting the Vital Statistics Clerk. The clerk will collect your information and help you to get a medical statement from your BACH provider. The approval process can be lengthy and requests are not done retroactively. It is important to not delay requesting status if you need it.

Medical Records Amendment Requests

In accordance with the Army Privacy Program and Medical Records Regulation, patients are entitled to request amendments to correct documentation in their medical records. Official requests are processed directly with the PAD OIC or NCOIC. A dated written or typed request expressing your findings must be received in order to fulfill your request. We will further notify your healthcare provider for assistance with your official request and provide you feed back within 30 business days.

Language Line Service

The service is used for translation services for patients who are partially or totally unable to comprehend or converse in the English language and to provide procedures for the translation of documents. BACH provides this service to all patient’s free of charge and no coordination is needed by the patient. Please inform your medical home that you require language services and your health care providers will handle the rest. This service is provided by a 3-way call between the patient, the provider, and the translation services.

Contact Information 

270-798-8491 (Chief)
270-798-8976 (NCOIC)
270-798-8492 (Secretary)


Mon - Fri: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except Federal Holidays


Room 1AA19
Room 1AA21
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