Secure Messaging

Key Capabilities

  • Provides standard and customizable templates for patients to communicate securely with their health care team about chronic and minor medical issues, prescription renewals, appointment scheduling requests and notification of test results
  • Provides the health care team the ability to send broadcast messages for patient education and clinic administrative notifications
  • Allows the patient to access a large, peer-reviewed patient education library
  • Allows the patient to record medical history in his/her personal health record and grant access to the health care team

Key Benefits

  • Improves patient access to care and satisfaction
  • Encourages the patient to be an active member of the care team
  • Promotes care coordination between office visits
  • Improves efficiency and effectiveness of communication between patients and their health care team
  • Improves documentation and workload capture
  • Helps reduce unnecessary telephone calls, clinical appointments and emergency room visits
  • Improves health care team productivity to allow more time for office visits

TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging is a patient centric initiative allowing the patient to directly communicate via the internet with the health care team for advice on minor medical issues, chronic disease management, test results, appointment requests, medication renewals and other health care needs. TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging allows patients to communicate with their health care team at their convenience, whenever they want and wherever they are. Patients can reduce unnecessary appointments and stress by communicating virtually and directly with their health care team.

TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging is accessible directly at or by clicking the “Secure Messaging” icon on the TOL
Patient Portal homepage located at To reach the TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging help desk, please call 1-866-309-4138.