Frequently Asked Questions

BACH Healthcare Services

What are the protocols for returned calls within BACH healthcare services?

We understand that when you need medical care, you want it as soon as possible. The Army Medical Command has set the priorities to respond to telephone consults. We will do everything in our power to call patients with urgent needs within one business day after their call and patients with routine medical needs within three business days. Of course, if you feel your medical need is emergent, please feel free to visit the Emergency Center. In addition, patients who miss our call can return the call rather than having to wait an additional 1-3 days. The main hospital appointment line is at 270-798-4677 or 931-431-4677. We also encourage patients to register for Army Medicine Secure Messaging Service within their Soldier or Patient Centered Medical Home so you may communicate with your care team via secure email.

What is offered to mothers dealing with Post-Partum Depression?

Our Child and Family Behavioral Health System team, who are now located on the 3rd floor of the hospital in the Behavioral Health E Building, are working with behavioral health psychological technicians, women’s health providers and primary care providers to ensure women are being screened and triaged properly based on their needs after delivering their baby. The coordinated effort includes support from various agencies on and off the Installation including the Family Advocacy Program’s (FAP), New Parent Support, and Tennessee’s Healthy Families Program.

How do I receive my lab results or obtain referrals outside of BACH or my Soldier/Patient Centered Medical Home?

Each care team has staff members who provide lab results and notify patients of referrals. If you have difficulty receiving these notifications, please contact your Soldier or Patient-Centered Medical Home through the Call Center at 270-798-4677 or 931-431-4677. Simply choose option 5 for Soldier and Patient-Centered Medical Homes (primary care), then select your medical home from the menu options, and select 3 to speak to a staff member. In addtion, the Army Medicine Secure Messaging System, powered by Relay Health, offers patients an option to receive these types of notifications through secure messaging. To speak to a Referral Management team member select option 8.


Why can I not always be seen at my appointment time?

We understand that patients are not always seen at their scheduled appointment time. We strive daily to meet that goal for our patients. When we shifted to the new Soldier and Patient-Centered Medical Home model, our providers may be addressing more than one of their patient’s needs during their appointment time. While this is extremely valuable to each patient, it may delay appointment times for others. If a patient waits for longer than 10 minutes, they should still speak with the clinic receptionist to determine if they expect a longer delay.

How do I cancel an unneeded appointment or reschedule an appointment?

We encourage anyone who cannot make it to an appointment to please call the Appointment Line at 270-798-4677 or 931-431-4677 from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at least two (2) hours before the scheduled appointment time, select option 2 to cancel your appointment and allow someone else to utilize the unfilled appointment. You can also schedule and cancel appointments 24/7 at TRICAREOnline, once you're registered. Blanchfield Army Community Hospital's pharmacies can assist with a limited supply of free over-the-counter, self-care medications to help patients treat many medical concerns at home. The Nurse Advice Line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 1-800-874-2273 and selecting option 1. In addition, patients may also save time by accessing walk-in services within their Patient Centered Medical Home or requesting a telephone consultation with someone on their care team.

Why do the appointment line staff ask so many personal questions when I need to make an appointment?

The Appointment Line staff use appointing protocols established by the Soldier and Patient Centered Medical Homes. These protocols require the Appointment Line personnel to ask questions the nurses and other healthcare professionals need answered in order to provide the most efficient care and services to our community. This may include asking specific questions that could be considered by some to be too personal. However, safeguarding your personal and medical information is a top priority at BACH. Appointment Line personnel receive regular and continuous training on HIPPA privacy and security requirements, and work in an access controlled environment to safeguard your personal and medical information.

What should I do if I have trouble making an appointment with my PCM?

We are working to find the right balance between same day and future appointment to meet your needs. To meet the warfighter mission, we often experience cycles where we have a shortage of providers to deployments, military moves, family emergencies and unexpected turnover. If we are unable to meet your access needs, the Appointment Line personnel may offer you the option for a one-time referral to be seen by a network provider. Once patients receive a call back with an authorization number, they should schedule the appointment with the network provider.

How do I make an appointment using TRICARE Online?

TRICARE Online has made many changes over the last couple of years to make it more user-friendly. Parents should typically be able to schedule and cancel appointments for their children except in unique situations. If anyone has difficulty using the TRICARE Online system, they should contact TRICARE Online’s technical customer service line at 1-800-600-9332.

TRICARE Online provides secure access to online features for DoD beneficiaries receiving care through a military hospital or clinic.

TRICARE Online allows you to:

  • make, change, cancel and review appointments for yourself or your authorized Family members

  • receive email and text message appointment reminders

  • refill and check the status of your prescriptions at your military hospital or clinic

  • review, print, or download your personal health data from your military electronic health record (EHR)

  • access your patient-centered medical home site to communicate with your health care team

  • access the online health risk assessments

  • get information and services when separating from active duty or reserves

To access these features, please log into TOL using your CAC, DS Logon Premium (Level 2), or DFAS MyPay account.

To learn more about DS Logon or obtain a DS Logon account, please visit the DEERS DoD Self-Service Access Center.

To access TRICARE benefits information, please visit TRICARE.

Advice Nurse

Is there an advice nurse available at nights and weekends?

The Nurse Advice Line is available 24/7 by calling 1-800-874-2273 and selecting option 1.


How do I refill a prescription at BACH?

BACH offers patients a number of different options for refilling their prescriptions. Patients can call 270-798-DRUG (3784) to request a prescription refill or request refills online through the TRICAREOnline site. In the next several weeks, the TOL site will provide updated options including email and/or text notifications that your refill request was received, when it will be ready for pick up, and how long the pharmacy will hold it before it is returned to stock. It’s important to note that if your prescription refill has expired, you will need to obtain a new prescription from your PCM.

When and where are the best times for patients to obtain their prescription?

Our busiest days are always the day immediately before and the day immediately after a holiday/training holiday. Thursday mornings also tend to have higher wait times in the morning as we open one hour later and have a waiting queue.

Soldiers should obtain their prescriptions at the Soldier-Centered Medical Home where they are seen. This is a much faster service and will help return them back to duty much quicker. In addition, this will reduce the impact on the Town Center Pharmacy patients waiting for their prescriptions in conjunction with the active duty population.

We also offer a drop off service at the Town Center Pharmacy. Any prescriptions dropped off prior to noon will be ready for pickup the same day after 3 p.m. If dropped off after noon, we will have them filled and ready for you the next morning by 9 a.m. This is a great option for our patients that work on or around Fort Campbell.

How do I obtain a Self-care Card?

Patients may ask the Pharmacy team about receiving an Over-the-Counter Medication Card to obtain a select number of over-the-counter medications free of charge within BACH Pharmacies.

Emergency Center

Why does the wait time in the Emergency Center vary?

On average, our wait times are much shorter than the four hour national average, however situations may arise when a wait may be extended.

Upon arrival to the Emergency Center, all patients are triaged to determine the level of their medical needs. True medical emergencies must be cared for immediately, such as a heart attack in progress or other medical emergencies that require immediate assistance. Some medical conditions may not be considered as emergent as another patient’s at the time visiting the emergency center; therefore, the medical need that is most emergent is seen right away and may delay the time for a less emergent medical need to be seen.

Our team highly encourages individuals with non-emergent medical needs to schedule an appointment with their Soldier or Patient-Centered Medical Home, where a patient’s long-term care plan can be managed more appropriately. Patients who have questions regarding their medical needs may call the Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-874-2273, select option 1.

Birth Certificates

How do I obtain a birth certificate if I was born at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital?

Individuals born after 1982 should contact Nashville Vital Statistics at 615-532-2679 or 1-800-942-2980 to obtain their birth certificate.

Individuals born before 1982 should contact Frankfort, Ky., Vital Statistics at 502-564-4212 to obtain their birth certificate.

Patient Records

How do Veterans obtain a copy of their military dental or medical records?

Veterans may request copies of their military medical or dental records through the National Archives at St. Louis at

National Archives.


How do I send a compliment to the provider, nurse or staff member who saw me during my visit?

Patients may receive a Joint Outpatient Experience Survey in the mail or by active duty patients may receive the survey by email after their visit. This survey allows patients to provide feedback on overall satisfaction, staff courtesy, respect and helpfulness, phone service, appointment availability and other aspects of care. The Army Medical Command has established performance standards for customer service and we can gain or lose up to $500 per returned survey. When we meet or exceed the Medical Command’s goals, we are able to reinvest this money back into your care for further improvements.

How do I file a complaint?

Every patient deserves excellent customer service. We strive to provide great care to our patients for each healthcare encounter, whether by phone or in person. On behalf of the BACH Commander and staff, we apologize if you feel you have not been treated as well as you deserve. We invest time and many resources to train our staff to provide excellent customer service. If we do not meet or exceed your expectations, please notify the supervisor, head nurse, Officer In Charge (OIC) or Non Commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) of the service you are visiting. If you are not able to get your complaint resolved within the service you are visiting, please reach out to one of our patient advocates at 270-798-8178 or 270-798-8091. It is important that we address your concerns at the point of service so you leave BACH completely satisfied and treated as well as you deserve. We invest time and many resources to train our staff to provide excellent customer service.

Red Cross and Volunteers

Where can I get CPR Certification?

The Red Cross offers CPR classes for a fee. You can call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit CPR class for more information.

Who is authorized to be a volunteer at BACH?

To become a Red Cross volunteer at BACH, please contact the Fort Campbell Red Cross at 270-798-2171 or visit Fort Campbell Red Cross to fill out a general volunteer application. Fort Campbell Red Cross provides both youth and adult volunteers to hospital services.

Volunteer at BACH, go to Become a BACH Volunteer