Medical One Stop Shop


To ensure the Individual Medical Readiness for each Soldier who In and Out processes Fort Campbell as well as provide services for the pre- and post-deployment health reassessment (PDHRA) program and readiness SRPs.

Scope of Services

Overall Soldier Medical Readiness

  • MEDPROS Screening/Updates
  • Medical readiness preparation for Soldiers PCSing to those locations without fixed Military Treatment Facilities
  • Vision Screening
  • Audiograms
  • Blood draw (HIV, G6PD)
  • DNA Collection (DoD required testing only)
  • Immunizations (Routine Adult and Location Specific, including Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine, Anthrax Vaccine, Typhoid Vaccine, and Smallpox Briefings)
  • Deployment Health Assessments (DHA)
  • Post-Deployment Health Re-Assessment Program (PDHRA), if PCSing or ETSing


Contact Information 
Phone: 270-412-0421

Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.


2702 Michigan Ave.
Fort Campbell, KY