Marriage and Family Therapy


Marriage and Family Therapists

Marriage and Family therapists provides couple and Family relational therapy. They assess, treat, and promote positive change in the Family system for the health of the entire Family, not just one person. Conflict is a part of healthy Family life, but conflict that is chaotic and destructive to members of the Family can never promote the health of the Family or the people in the Family system. Marriage and Family Therapists at the Child and Family Behavioral Health System can help people enter into and resolve conflict in ways that promote growth, relational safety, and intimacy. They can also provide preventative or relationship enhancing services such as premarital education and marital enrichment. CAFBHS Marriage and Family Therapists are licensed Master's level providers. Therapists assess and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, and address an array of relationship issues within the context of marital/couple and Family systems.

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