Child and Family Behavioral Health System

We are a part of the Patient-Centered Medical Home model of integrated healthcare that promotes prevention, active collaboration, consultation and partnering between behavioral health specialty providers, Family members and their primary care managers.

Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Services are available to military Family members, 18 years of age and younger. Your medical home care team can assist you with the referral process or you may contact our clinic directly.


 Services for children we offer are:

* Comprehensive Assessment and Diagnosis

* Individual Child Therapy

* Parent Training and Guidance

* Family Therapy

* Psychological Testing

* Medication Treatment


Medical conditions we can assist with:

* Mood * Anxiety * Behavioral * Developmental *Bereavement


Child and Adolescent Crisis Walk-in visits:

Crisis walk-in visits are offered to all eligible pediatric beneficiaries during clinic hours. If the clinic is not available, patients should go to the nearest emergency room for emergencies. 


School Behavioral Health (SBH)

School Behavioral Health is an extension of the Child and Family Behavioral Health System and is located within the on-post schools.

Services offered are:

 * Assessments

 * Consultation and Collaboration with the school

 * Environmental Interventions

 * Individual and Family Therapy

 * Parent Training and Guidance

 * Referrals to Supportive Services

Your medical home care team can assist you with the referral process or you may contact our clinic directly.

Contact Information 
Phone: 270-412-3247, option 7

Mon, - Fri. 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
2nd Thursdays monthly: 1 - 4 p.m.


E Building, 3rd Floor
650 Joel Drive
Fort Campbell, KY 42223