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Patient Relations

Patient and Family Centered Care


Blanchfield Army Community Hospital is committed to strengthening our partnership between our care providers, patients, and their Families.

Advisors are vital to this partnership. They are volunteers who work with BACH care providers and staff to affect patient care and improve the health care experience for everyone. This partnership fosters the philosophy of patient and family centered care that is central to our services at BACH.

If you have a passion for enhancing the health care experience at BACH for you, your Family and others, contact the Patient and Family Centered Care Director at 270-798-8055 to learn how you can be an advisor on the Patient Advisory Council.

If you have questions about Blanchfield Army Community Hospital services or would like to take a Self Care/Over-the-Counter medication class, the Patient and Family Medical Resource Center is an excellent venue to assist you.

Patient Advocacy


The patient advocate serves as the liaison between patients and the hospital staff. Patients are encouraged to contact the clinic chief, the ward noncommissioned officer in charge or the head nurse to resolve disputes or concerns. However, if the matter cannot be resolved, a patient advocate will be happy to assist you. Patients may visit the Patient Advocates on the 4th floor of the A Building in room 4AA19 or 4AA21. Advocates may also be reached by phone or through the ICE system to address concerns, comments or compliments. In addition, Pulse of the Eagle cards are available in the hospital clinics and main hospital entrances to provide compliments..

Compliments are appreciated and shared with the staff, as are concerns.

We thank you for helping us recognize outstanding service and suggesting ways in which we may improve.



The Ombudsman is a neutral, independent, and impartial resource for Soldiers and their Family members serving BACH and Fort Campbell. The Ombudsman will help resolve issues for Warriors in Transition to include medical, personnel, finance, legal, transition, and other matters. Additionally, the Ombudsman will support non-WTU Soldiers and their Family members who need assistance with medical related issues. In every case, the Ombudsman will attempt to connect the Soldier or Family with appropriate subject matter experts to achieve the best possible resolution. The Ombudsman provides briefings, attends meetings, town hall sessions, and other forums that present an opportunity to interact with Soldiers to hear their concerns. However, the Ombudsman is not a means of circumventing the Soldier's chain of command. Soldiers may visit or call the Ombudsman or call the 24/7 Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline at 1-800-984-8523 or email  


Phone: 1-800-984-8523
The hotline has not been established to circumvent the Chain of Command/NCO Support Channel but to give Soldiers and family members an additional means to resolve medically-related concerns. Any type of retribution directed towards those who use the hotline or elicit help from the Ombudsman team will not be tolerated.
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