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School Physicals
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BACH medical homes, including Byrd, Air Assault, Young Eagle and Screaming Eagle, provide school and sports physicals all year. Annually, BACH's primary care team offers special clinic hours or Saturday School and Sports Physical dates to assist parents and children who are just moving to the area as well as individuals assigned to the network provider who may incur a fee to obtain the school and sports physical.

Patients assigned to a BACH medical home may book appointments by calling the appointment line at 270-798-4677 or 931-431-4677, visiting, or by emailing your care team using RelayHealth, the Army's Secure Email Messaging System.

What should patients bring to the school and sports physical appointment?

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To receive a school or sports physical, students must bring their immunization record (shot record) to the appointment. The BACH patient-centered medical home teams offer walk-in hours for immunization services to BACH enrolled patients from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Immunizations may also be given before or after the school or sports physical examination is scheduled. For a listing of immunization requirements for the Department of Defense Education Activity, Kentucky and Tennessee Schools websites.


Contact Information
Appointment line: 270-798-4677